Why Maths is important?

According to the psychologist, in the period from the three years old to eleven years old, beside the ability of developing greater language, requirement and fondness for exploring of the children are developing faster. It is the time for parents should provide opportunities for children to express and develop their own capability.

The adventage of the math skill program

From 1980s to until now, Singapore government has been  focused on researching and building on math program in Singapore which has demonstrated from the excellence in the development of creative thinking as well as contribute in to passion and lone of math children.

As curriculum mathematical methods in Singapore, to apply the method of teaching and virtual learning, children should not only learn but also practice with the specific images, vivid life and associated childhood.


The boring and hard numbers would be changed rather than by vivid pictures with much color, and something which is easy to catch in the life such as orange , dolls,…etc, so they can help the children learn easily and have a good feeling to study.


Learning with this method, every lesson with the children will be really an interesting discovery, help them reach and get used to the life easily which is really new, diverse and abudant with children. Also, the children will learn how to analyze and slove the problem intelligently.

In addition, they will be acquainted with the practical knowlegde and close to the life. Mainspring has been in Vietnam, so they will help the children have a lot of good and practical lessons such as going to the supermarket, going to the cinema, split number, and lesson about youth activities family.

Along with fond of math, the children also learn about the ability how to learn by themselves and reduce the pressure on their parents who are ussually sittingf next to them hourly to teach them as many parents have the same situation now.

Mainspring – the first program which can bring the math program in Singapore to Vietnam.

With a lot of higher advantages, math education program in Singapore is the mathematical course is more popular all over the world, especailly Singapore education system has been supported and implemented by the U.S education for many years.

For the goal of helping Vietnames children have  access to advanced learning methods, the system of Mathematical Intelligence Mainspring ( established by the group of professors in Singapore).

It is the first time in Vietnam, so it will be the best place for the children, who are from 3 years old to 11 years old, to improve their talents.

Mainspring Education Center has the large place, spacious facilities, clean and absolute safe for the children. With 16 classrooms, every room has the air condition, and a lot of best facilities to provide the children has the best place for studying. Also, especailly every class has a lot of modern educational tools according to standards of education in Singapore.


The colorful and vivid images. There is much necessary equipment to support of the learing of children such as the projector,  the magnet  board. The colorful and vivid images for the children have a space full of imagination and creativity .

Team of teachers are the experienced teacher, love kid, patient and dedicated to the craft. Also, they are selected carefully by Mainspring, and all of teachers are trained in teaching methods with professors in Singapore. These methods have been introduced in Vietnam, and only have in Mainspring school. With slogan: “Every Mainspring student is not only good math but also becomes a good son”

Confidence, creativity, and beside the lesson of math, the children can participate in games and awareness activities to increase overtime brainstorm, stimulate desire for knowledge for her imagination better.

Study at Mainspring, children are encouraged to show the creativity, confidence, and assert themselves in all area and all situation. Mainspring believes that this is the best, warmest and safest place for the children to learn, fun, creative and complete their personality development for themselves.