Conducive environment

Creating and providing a conducive environment for our students to learn effectively is important to us. Our classrooms are fully air-conditioned with comfortable classroom settings. We keep a small class size so that there is enough synergy among the students and teacher yet not too big a group to distract the class.

Premium quality interactive teaching

We use modern tools and equipments to deliver lessons, having worksheets projected on the whiteboard allows the teacher to write directly on the whiteboard and demonstrate the solving-skills step by step in detail.

This enhances effective communication and presentation skills, once the concept and problem-solving strategies has been efficiently delivered, the teacher will take on further to cultivate creative thinking in a process of stimulating the students to analyse and devise other creative ways to solve the same problem, in this manner, students will not be content with merely getting the answer to the problem. It directs the students to apply critical thinking and spur off creativity, thus, shaping them into logical analysis and creative problem solvers in their school work and in all other aspects of life.