I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you and your professional tuition teachers at for helping my son, David, in his studies particularly in Maths and Science. David showed great improvements in Mathematics and Science, from scoring less than 60 marks in CA1 in Primary 5 to scoring an A* for Maths and A for Science in his PSLE. David was struggling in his Maths and we encouraged him to attend the Maths lessons at Mainspring Learning Centre. Under your guidance in Maths and Science, David has begun to learn the importance of success in school, positive learning skills and most importantly, he has gained self confidence. In his recent Secondary common tests, he scored 82 and 83 marks respectively for Maths and Science. The learning that he had at Mainspring provided a solid foundation for advanced learning in Secondary school. We are blessed that Mainspring Learning Centre also allows continuity in learning in the same environment. Thank you for teaching him valuable learning skills and also providing him with encouragement in his studies. We look forward to your continued guidance.

Mrs. Cynthia Wang

General Manager , Parent of David Wang

The teachers at Mainspring Learning Centre have been great teachers to both my daughters since they were young. My elder daughter, Gina Yeo is now 15 years old and my younger girl, Rina Yeo is 10 years old now. They have been with the centre since as young as Primary One. With the caring, enthusiasm and professionalism that Mainspring Learning Centre has shown, it was made easy for my children to adopt new methods to apply in school. The teachers are very dedicated and will ensure all students understand and are able to cope and score well in every examination in school.

I would strongly encourage my daughters to stay on with Mainspring Learning Centre and learn the skills they need for better development in future.

Mimi Sin Mei Kwi

Financial officer, Parent of Gina and Rina Yeo

My daughter was taught Mathematics for 3 years at Mainspring Learning Centre and had scored an A* for Math during her Primary 6 PSLE examination. The talent of the Mainspring teachers in teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, is truly superior. They are very committed and enthusiastic about their teaching too. They never fail to help my daughter or any of their students whenever they encounter a difficult problem. The Mainspring educators’ spirit in teaching and passion for Math is truly undeniable.

Mrs. Helen Lye, (mother of Bernadine Lye Su Hui)

Homemaker , Top Scorer achieving 4A* and a PSLE aggregate of 281

With deepest appreciation, we’d like to thank the teachers at Mainspring Learning Centre for all you have done for our son, Ignatius, for the past two years. Under your tutelage, he managed to attain an “A” for both Science and Math in his PSLE last year. We believe that he would not have achieved this good a result without your dedication and passion, not to mention all the extra classes that you have put in prior to the examination. Needless to say, he will definitely continue his secondary lessons at your center. We also like to thank your staff for making sure that our son does not miss any lessons by sending us reminders. Thank you once again.

Mrs. Yip, (Parent of Ignatius Yip)

I wish to thank you for tutoring my son, Jethro Yeo, in Mathematics for the past two years. He thoroughly enjoyed your lesson every week and looks forward to his tuition each week, for he knows that you can make Maths come alive and make it very interesting. He is filled with confidence after each lesson, as you are able to make difficult Maths problems, simple to understand and to solve. Thank you for your dedication and responsibility in nurturing my son. Thank you for seeing him as more than a student. Mainspring is truly a marvelous, caring and loving centre. My son not only improved greatly in his Maths but also his confidence and motivation have been enhanced greatly too. We are forever grateful to you and wish you great success in your future endeavors.

Mrs. Yeo, homemaker (Parent of Jethro Yeo)

The teachers at Mainspring Learning Centre are dedicated and devoted to teaching students. They are very caring teachers too. My son scored an A* in Math at the PSLE and was able to enter a top school, Hwa Chong Institution all thanks to the efforts of Mainspring! Without you, my son would not have made it. According to my son, your lessons are very interactive and interesting, to the extent that my son looks forward to lessons! When my son has any problems with his Maths, the Mainspring teachers will patiently explain the concepts to him until he knows it and can do it by himself. Thank you Mainspring!

Mrs. Lau, (Parent of Eugene Lau)

My son, who was Primary 6 last year, used to be very weak in his Mathematics &
Science. Under the guidance of the teachers at Mainspring Learning Centre and their persistence to practice many different questions and time that they put in, he scored an A in both subjects. I thank you for your passion in teaching and perseverance to draw out the best from each pupil.

Mieke, Manager (Parent of Wei He)

Indeed, we have been blessed to have found the teachers at Mainspring Learning Centre to teach our son, Aaron. I had been struggling to find a dedicated and responsible teacher for my son in the past.  My son started having trouble in mathematics from Primary 3 and I was unable to teach him.  I had been searching around, worrying for my son due to his poor results during that time.  We were so fortunate to have found Mainspring Learning Centre.  Thank you very much.

You have a host of dedicated teachers who possess great passion in teaching they are always placing the students’ interest before themselves and are willing to sacrifice their own time to help students overcome their difficulties; truly angels who have the greatest patience and care for their students. I am impressed by the teaching methods, and the immense passion Mainspring Learning Centre shows towards education.

Jaclyn Koh, Professional (Parent of Aaron Koh)

Mainspring Learning Centre has the best tutors who care for students individually and give attention according to how each pupil understands things. They motivate pupils to solve difficult questions in their own and invent a lot of tactful methods and make sure that pupils can understand and use the same method for a different question. They also simplify their method so that the pupil has an idea of how and when to use it. My son often compares the school way of doing things and the way of teaching at Mainspring. He says that the Mainspring method is much easier and is always eager to attend the classes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers at Mainspring Learning Centre for their excellent attitude & passion in Mathematics.

G.R. Saravana Rathnam, Professional (Parent of S.Pradeep Mani Rathnam)

We have received very good feedback from our son that Mainspring has conducted its Mathematics classes very well. He likes to attend your lessons very much. Branden loves Mathematics and every week he looks forward to attending your lesson. Both my wife and I are happy that Branden has learnt many things under your great care and guidance. He truly enjoys his lessons during this period when he attended your lessons from January 2010 to September 2010.

As parents, we can see that you are very professional in your job, and we like to thank you for the effort and time put in to educate my son and allowing him to grow up learning better methods of problem solving. It really helps to open up his thinking in solving difficult mathematical problems. As we always fetch him after his lesson, we can see that you are very hardworking and often puts in the extra effort and time even after class to make a point that he understands his work before allowing him to leave the class. This is indeed a personal sacrifice of your time for the benefit of the student.

Through the effort of yours, Branden has done well in the 8th World Mathematics competition, where he achieved a Silver medal. He also did very well in his Primary School Leaving Examination by scoring an A star for mathematics. Not forgetting that he has always been top in his school examinations and sometimes scoring full marks, we certainly believe that you have a part in it.

Now that he is in Secondary One and  in Hwa Chong Institution, he also did very well in his first- term mathematics examination by scoring 98 marks and topping the class.

I must say that you have provided him the encouragement and equipped him with the fundamentals in his mathematics solving skills, thus helping him to have great passion for this subject. Once again, thank you for the effort and time that you have put in for the student. It is through your good guidance, encouragement and conducting your class in the best appropriate and responsible manner that has helped the student to excel.

Alfred & Serene Low (Parents of Branden Low)