How it Works

I. The Mainspring “Bull’s Eye” approach

  • Each child is a unique learner.
  • We tailor our program to match your child’s individual needs.
  • Lead them to integrate in a group setting.

II. Steady progress that builds up accuracy and speed

  • Children attend lessons at Mainspring once, twice or thrice a week (depending on the number of subjects taken and the schedule planned).
  • With three-way communication (Teacher, parent & child), momentum is maintained with prescribed homework, the right amount of work load and difficulty level. Our curriculum is divided into modules to enable specific skill building.
  • Gradual progress – from simple to the more complex problems.

III. Developing a positive attitude

  • We develop the child’s ‘heart’ and induce a positive attitude in learning.
  • Teachers are passionate and driven to partner in your child’s success.

IV. Making learning a breeze … Start early!

  • 50% of a child’s ability to learn is developed between ages 3 to 6 (Reading Transition & Math) and 80% by age 8.
  • Young children (age 3 onwards) learn simple concepts, and then build on them to tackle the more complex tasks and ideas.

VDeveloping critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Similar concepts are presented in different ways to allow conceptual flexibility, creating successful problem solvers.
  • Children are engaged in a multitude of varying activities that promote the uses of multiple intelligences and learning styles.