Pre-school (3 to 6 years old)

Gear up as keen and good attitude learners!

“Sponge-Spring” Nursery English & Math Class (3-4 years old)

We stimulate, build up learning momentum and connect the little toddlers’ neurons for we know well that these little learners absorb information like a sponge.

N1 & N2 English

Fun learning, music, rhythm, movement and readers for phonics teaching

N1 & N2 Math

Premium Math programme designed to advance Critical Thinking Skill

“Ready-Steady” Primary One English & Math Class (5-6 years old)

We produce studious, confident and self-motivated learners who phase in Primary One with ease.

K1 & K2 English

•       Grammar

•       Vocabulary

•       Comprehension Skills

•       Creative Writing

K1 & K2 Math

•       Mastering Concepts

•       Skills & Processes

•       Adopting Math Higher Order Thinking (HOT)

•       Creative Math Thinking & Brain Development