Selecting a learning centre for your child can be a complex, emotional and seemingly difficult decision. Mainspring  would like to make it easier and more comfortable for you. Here are some questions frequently asked by parents like you, who have since found success with Mainspring.

How will Mainspring’s teaching program benefit my child in their Math learning?

Mainspring teachers provide quality teaching and maximise learning ability in each individual.

Premium quality interactive teaching?

We use our modern tools and equipment to deliver all our lectures and tutorials and have worksheets projected on the whiteboard to allow the trainer to write directly on the whiteboard and demonstrate the solving-skills step by step in detail.

This enhances effective communication and presentation skills in Mathematics, and once the concept and problem-solving strategies have been efficiently delivered, the trainer will take on further to cultivate creative thinking in a process of stimulating the learners to analyse and devise other creative ways to solve the same Math problem. Thus, in this manner, learners will not be content with merely getting the answer to the problem and hence directs the learners to apply critical thinking and spur off creativity. This shapes them into logical analysis thinkers and creative problem solvers in math and in all other aspects of life.

Maximised Learning (students of the same standard will be grouped and taught in one class)

We believe strongly in standardised teaching rather than facilitation and maximise our students’ learning time. Only learners of the same standard will be grouped together in a class which ensures that all the learners will benefit fully in uniformed learning and standardized teaching.This will also enable the trainer to have more time to provide extra help to students in need of extra guidance.

Mainspring works on improving the fundamental concepts of the child and exposes the child to a variety of problem solving situations that require the application of these concepts.

At Mainspring, we believe that a child with solid mathematical concepts will never be afraid of numbers. The fear or insecurity that most children feel for mathematics is largely due to the fact that they have not understood the concepts well and are therefore unable to apply them. Repeated inabilities to ‘do it right’ leads to anxiety and fear of the subject.

Mastery of concepts automatically translates into greater confidence in the child. Strong concepts plus confidence leads to success at mathematical problem solving and overall better performance in school.

Is my child the right age for Mainspring?

Research has shown that 50% of a child’s ability to learn is developed by age 4 to 5 and 80% by age 8. The implication is clear: IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY!

Mainspring’s curriculum is designed for children as young as ages that range from 3 – 4 years old. Young children work with simple concepts such as matching, classification, sorting, sequencing, describing objects, informal measurement, shape and pattern recognition etc. They start with simple concepts and then gradually build on them to tackle bigger and more complex tasks and problems. Children work with a wide variety of advanced and attractive educational tools, which make learning enjoyable by exercising all their senses, imagination and curiosity.

Our objective at Mainspring is to make the child’s initial experience with numbers and mathematical concepts interesting, exciting and positive. We believe that this lays the foundation for a lifelong enthusiasm and liking for the subject.

The program currently spans 5 different skill levels but will be extended in the near future to include some additional levels, so as to provide a comprehensive coverage of the core mathematical skills and concepts at the primary level.

How do you assess my child’s skills?

Students will have an initial placement test when they have enrolled any of the courses. The placement test is to determine the standard of the students to enter to the course level (basic, intermediate, advance and challenge).

At registration, a child must take a Diagnostic Test. The test is designed to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses. It will enable us to place him at an appropriate starting level within the program and develop a personalized Learning Plan for him. The Diagnostic Test is administered at the center in a cheerful and relaxed setting. It will typically take 30 to 60 minutes to complete the test but there is no strict time limit.

The Test is not a tool to sort or grade the child in any manner. The child’s score is confidential and is known only to the instructor and parent. The instructor will spend time with you to explain our assessment of the child’s concepts, accuracy and speed.

Is the program for gifted kids or kids falling behind in class?

Our program caters for different group of students according to their learning ability. Our customised program is assembled for each student that addresses what students have not known yet and builds their strengths.

Preparing your children for success in Mathematics is the inspiration for everything we do at Mainspring. The program is designed to help children who are struggling with mathematics in school as well as star performers who are seeking enrichment.

Mainspring is a skill-based program, as opposed to an age-based program. Each child is encouraged to learn at his or her own pace. Within the same module, a fast learner, having mastered one particular concept can quickly move forward to the next, while another child who requires more time with the same concept will be given more practice material / worksheets, until he is ready to move onto the next stage.

The program provides each child with problem solving situations appropriate to his or her skill level.

Concepts are continually reinforced while allowing new learning to take place. Students are exposed to gradually increasing levels of challenge to hone their problem solving skills.