About us

Mainspring Learning Centre is a part of Mainspring Education Group of Learning Centres in the ASEAN region. Having several years of experience in the private education industry, we specialise in Languages, Mathematics and Science. We supplement learning with a clear objective to help children to cope, compete and excel in today’s ever-rising educational demand.

Mainspring provides quality education services to enrich knowledge and infuse passion for learning in students of all ages. Our exclusive methodology and educational materials offer innovative and results-oriented educational approaches in many important spheres of education for children and adolescents in South East Asia.

Our Beliefs

At Mainspring, our focus to develop critical thinking and problem solving takes centre stage. We believe there is “more than one way to skin a cat” and we apply this concept to promote learning or mastering of the problem solving techniques.

Critical thinking has long been a valued skill in this present society. Today, every student—not just the academically advanced—needs it. While critical thinking and problem solving used to be the domain of gifted students, it’s now a critical domain for every student.

Mainpring is proudly preparing 21st-Century Students for the Global Society.