As you are considering to enrol your child to Mainspring Learning Centre. It is important to recognise our over-arching principles which build the foundation of the Mainspring strategy and success . These strategies have the focus of:

  1. The Child as the Centre of Gravity

Mainspring environment uses incremental levels of difficulty built into the materials. Children come to discover and rely on their own intellect to recognise when they need to progress ahead. They become truly responsible and self-disciplined with much less need for adult intervention. As the child gains independence in learning, the teachers’ ‘hand-holding approach’ will fade from the forefront over time.

  1. Connecting the Dots in our Integrated Approach

Every child is unique. Their social environment and upbringing plays an important role in their learning ability. At Mainspring, our role is more than just teaching and sharing knowledge. It is our philosophy to observe and find the sweet spot of each child and help them connect. We would like to hear what you know, before we discuss about what you don’t. Be it visual, audio or mental, each child must find their ‘sweet spot’ technique.

  1. Making it STICK / (GEL)

It is important for children to see the bigger picture and understand the basic concepts before learning the details. Otherwise, they may be able to provide the correct answers once but unable to repeat the successful attempt in other situations. Our approach helps children to organise new information in ways that make it easier to absorb and remember. The ‘Mainspring approach’ also rests upon providing concrete examples of abstract concepts and gradually allowing children to develop more understanding. It is like an artist who paints with a broad brush before adding the details.