Parents of Branden Low

We have received very good feedback from our son that Mainspring has conducted its Mathematics classes very well. He likes to attend your lessons very much. Branden loves Mathematics and every week he looks forward to attending your lesson. Both my wife and I are happy that Branden has learnt many things under your great care and guidance. He truly enjoys his lessons during this period when he attended your lessons from January 2010 to September 2010.

As parents, we can see that you are very professional in your job, and we like to thank you for the effort and time put in to educate my son and allowing him to grow up learning better methods of problem solving. It really helps to open up his thinking in solving difficult mathematical problems. As we always fetch him after his lesson, we can see that you are very hardworking and often puts in the extra effort and time even after class to make a point that he understands his work before allowing him to leave the class. This is indeed a personal sacrifice of your time for the benefit of the student.

Through the effort of yours, Branden has done well in the 8th World Mathematics competition, where he achieved a Silver medal. He also did very well in his Primary School Leaving Examination by scoring an A star for mathematics. Not forgetting that he has always been top in his school examinations and sometimes scoring full marks, we certainly believe that you have a part in it.

Now that he is in Secondary One and  in Hwa Chong Institution, he also did very well in his first- term mathematics examination by scoring 98 marks and topping the class.

I must say that you have provided him the encouragement and equipped him with the fundamentals in his mathematics solving skills, thus helping him to have great passion for this subject. Once again, thank you for the effort and time that you have put in for the student. It is through your good guidance, encouragement and conducting your class in the best appropriate and responsible manner that has helped the student to excel.

Alfred & Serene Low (Parents of Branden Low)