Parent of S.Pradeep Mani Rathnam

S.Pradeep Mani Rathnam Mani Rathnam & Principal, Ms.Ong

Mainspring Learning Centre has the best tutors who care for students individually and give attention according to how each pupil understands things. They motivate pupils to solve difficult questions in their own and invent a lot of tactful methods and make sure that pupils can understand and use the same method for a different question. They also simplify their method so that the pupil has an idea of how and when to use it. My son often compares the school way of doing things and the way of teaching at Mainspring. He says that the Mainspring method is much easier and is always eager to attend the classes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers at Mainspring Learning Centre for their excellent attitude & passion in Mathematics.

G.R. Saravana Rathnam, Professional (Parent of S.Pradeep Mani Rathnam)