Parent of Jethro Yeo


Jethro Yeo & Principal, Ms.Ong

I wish to thank you for tutoring my son, Jethro Yeo, in Mathematics for the past two years. He thoroughly enjoyed your lesson every week and looks forward to his tuition each week, for he knows that you can make Maths come alive and make it very interesting. He is filled with confidence after each lesson, as you are able to make difficult Maths problems, simple to understand and to solve. Thank you for your dedication and responsibility in nurturing my son. Thank you for seeing him as more than a student. Mainspring is truly a marvelous, caring and loving centre. My son not only improved greatly in his Maths but also his confidence and motivation have been enhanced greatly too. We are forever grateful to you and wish you great success in your future endeavors.

Mrs. Yeo, homemaker (Parent of Jethro Yeo)