Parent of David Wang

David Wang & Principal, Ms.Ong

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you and your professional tuition teachers at for helping my son, David, in his studies particularly in Maths and Science. David showed great improvements in Mathematics and Science, from scoring less than 60 marks in CA1 in Primary 5 to scoring an A* for Maths and A for Science in his PSLE. David was struggling in his Maths and we encouraged him to attend the Maths lessons at Mainspring Learning Centre. Under your guidance in Maths and Science, David has begun to learn the importance of success in school, positive learning skills and most importantly, he has gained self confidence. In his recent Secondary common tests, he scored 82 and 83 marks respectively for Maths and Science. The learning that he had at Mainspring provided a solid foundation for advanced learning in Secondary school. We are blessed that Mainspring Learning Centre also allows continuity in learning in the same environment. Thank you for teaching him valuable learning skills and also providing him with encouragement in his studies. We look forward to your continued guidance.

Mrs. Cynthia Wang, General Manager (Parent of David Wang)