Mimi Sin Mei Kwi, Financial officer

Parent of Gina and Rina Yeo

The teachers at Mainspring Learning Centre have been great teachers to both my daughters since they were young. My elder daughter, Gina Yeo is now 15 years old and my younger girl, Rina Yeo is 10 years old now. They have been with the centre since as young as Primary One. With the caring, enthusiasm and professionalism that Mainspring Learning Centre has shown, it was made easy for my children to adopt new methods to apply in school. The teachers are very dedicated and will ensure all students understand and are able to cope and score well in every examination in school.

I would strongly encourage my daughters to stay on with Mainspring Learning Centre and learn the skills they need for better development in future.

Mimi Sin Mei Kwi, Financial officer (Parent of Gina and Rina Yeo)